“The U.S. Racial Crisis and World Evangelism”
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“The U.S. Racial Crisis and World Evangelism”

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Tom Skinner’s keynote address at the 1970 Urbana conference:1

Perhaps one of the great debates going on today is being pushed by those people who resist the idea that Jesus was a revolutionary. But let us come to grips with what the Word of God says.

First, the definition of a revolution is to take an existing situation which has proved to be unworkable, archaic, impractical and out of date; you seek to destroy it, and overthrow it and to replace it with a system that works. The whole premise of the Scripture is that the human order is archaic, impractical; it is no good, it is infested with demonic power, with sin, racism, hate, envy, jealousy, pride, war, militarism. The whole existing human order is infested with ungodliness. And the whole purpose of Christ coming into the world was to overthrow the demonic human system and to establish his own kingdom in the hearts of men.

Allow me to quote for you I Corinthians 1:28: “He has chosen things low and contemptible, mere nothings, to overthrow the existing order”

Although this is a classic sermon, I heard it for the first time today. Perhaps the most powerful sermon I’ve listened to this year.

  1. h/t @djpuckett22

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