The Daily podcast on "cancel culture"
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The Daily podcast on "cancel culture"

The latest two episodes of the NYT's "The Daily" podcast try to get to the bottom of "cancel culture." One conclusion from a guest on episode two:

I don't think that Twitter rewards asterisks, and 'ums,' and skepticism, and ambivalence, and questions. I think Twitter rewards absolute claims. You know: simple sort of black and white, Good and Evil allegories, binaries, and strong declarations of truth that leave little room for interpretations.... I think there's a great deal about the very infrastructure of social media that are explicitly designed to incentivize this kind of [canceling] behavior, and to encourage people to be adversarial towards each other.

Interesting listen, overall. (Although, it beggars belief in the NYT's journalistic integrity that there is not even a mention of Bari Weiss.)

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