the atlantic

“We have to act like citizens again”

George Packer: [A]n ambitious legislative agenda isn’t enough, because the problem extends far beyond Washington, deep into the republic. Americans have lost faith in institutions, in one another, in democracy itself. Everything conspires against our role as citizens—big money, indifferent officials, byzantine election rules, mutual hatred, mutual

Criticism and Leadership

Criticism is the price of problem-solving in leadership.—Carly Fiorina on “The Ticket” from The Atlantic

“The birth of a new religion”

Adrienne LaFrance for The Atlantic: QAnon is emblematic of modern America’s susceptibility to conspiracy theories, and its enthusiasm for them. But it is also already much more than a loose collection of conspiracy-minded chat-room inhabitants. It is a movement united in mass rejection of reason, objectivity, and other Enlightenment

“America’s urban rebirth is missing a key element: births”

Derek Thompson for The Atlantic: In high-density cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., no group is growing faster than rich college-educated whites without children, according to Census analysis by the economist Jed Kolko. By contrast, families with children older than 6 are in outright decline in these

“Why Americans hate the media”

Source » James Fallows writing for The Atlantic in 1996: The limited curiosity that elite reporters display in their questions is also evident in the stories they write once they have received answers. They are interested mainly in pure politics and can be coerced into examining the substance of an issue

“The antidote is decency”

Source » David Frum for The Atlantic: Here’s something to bear in mind: During Soviet times, the communist authorities expressed themselves in operatically vehement language. Non-communists were denigrated as hyenas, jackals, vultures, and other disgusting animals; as bandits, fascists, Nazis, and other enemies of humanity. In response, Soviet dissenters developed

American evangelicalism: “a movement damaged in the fall from a great height”

Source » Michael Gerson for The Atlantic: How did something so important and admirable become so disgraced? For many people, including myself, this question involves both intellectual analysis and personal angst. The answer extends back some 150 years, and involves cultural and political shifts that long pre-date Donald Trump. It is

“In the absence of Facebook and protest signs, the freshmen were taking back their class”

Source » Here’s another example of academic inquiry and debate being threatened on college campuses. But this time with a faint hope: here come the freshmen. Chris Bodenner in the The Atlantic: Another student from India, Jagannath, responded to the canceled lecture by organizing a freshman-only meeting on the quad.
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