On Google

Gruber: Google makes a lot of software with terrible user experiences for users who have poor taste.

Choosing to be tech-wise with your kids

Choosing to be tech-wise with your kids Before I got my driver’s license, my dad scratched out a hand-written contract (of sorts) that outlined what I committed to doing and not doing behind the wheel. Writing and cutting/pasting

Detoxifying the Internet

Source » Andrew Marantz for The New Yorker: “More than anything, I want Reddit to heal, and I want our country to heal.” Implicit in his [Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit] apology was a set of questions, perhaps the central questions

Amazon patents huge drone beehives for cities

Source » James Vincent for The Verge: Amazon’s drone delivery program stopped being a joke a while ago, but the company still has to overcome serious challenges to make the technology actually work. One of these is getting drones near

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