“Energy, attitude and personality cannot be ‘remoted’ through even the best fiber optic lines”

Jerry Seinfeld: “New York is over because everybody will ‘remote everything.’” Guess what? Everyone hates to do this. Everyone. Hates. You know why? There’s no energy. Energy, attitude and personality cannot be “remoted” through even the best fiber optic lines. That’s the whole reason many of us moved

The Daily podcast on "cancel culture"

The latest two episodes of the NYT's "The Daily" podcast try to get to the bottom of "cancel culture." One conclusion from a guest on episode two: I don't think that Twitter rewards asterisks, and 'ums,' and skepticism, and ambivalence, and questions. I think Twitter rewards absolute claims. You

Genesis 3

“that ancient theology can better answer contemporary problems than any of the modern secular world’s solutions”

Tara Isabella Burton for the NYT: “Weird Christians reject as overly accommodationist those churches, primarily Mainline Protestant denominations like Episcopalianism and Lutheranism, that have watered down the stranger and more supernatural elements of the faith (like miracles, say, or the literal resurrection of Jesus Christ). But they reject, too, the

“They are systematically killing the industry”

Source » Jack Nicas for The Times: They all tell a similar story: They ran apps that helped people limit the time they and their children spent on iPhones. Then Apple created its own screen-time tracker. And then Apple made staying in business very, very difficult. Over the past year, Apple

“These 95 apartments promised affordable rent in San Francisco. Then 6,580 people applied.”

Source » Emily Badger for the NYT: For $1,200 a month, Patricia Torres and her family were renting a bedroom, a share of time in the bathroom, one vegetable drawer and one shelf in the fridge, and two cupboards over the stove. They rented not so much a home as

“Let’s Ban Porn”

Source » Ross Douthat for the NYT: But we are supposed to be in the midst of a great sexual reassessment, a clearing-out of assumptions that serve misogyny and impose bad sex on semi-willing women. And such a reassessment will be incomplete if it never reconsiders our surrender to the idea

“To be fully pro-life I must broaden my sense of morality and embrace a wider agenda”

Source » Scott Arbeiter in the NYT: Of course, my being pro-life never meant not caring about education or jobs, but I suspect like many people, I tended to see these as unrelated issues. Being pro-life has always been a deeply moral question; it still is. However, I now see that
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