Questions for a marriage check-up

Kevin DeYoung for TGC: As we approach the end of the year…. Some of us will put together new exercise goals. Some of us will find the right Bible reading plan for next year. Some of us will zero in on a new schedule for Bible memorization. All of these

Speaking in a digital age

Source » “…you live in a narcissistic echo chamber!” That would be true, if the digital world were the only world. But it’s not. I listen to my wife, my friends, my co-workers, my secretary, my elders, the members of my church, the members of my presbytery, and on and

Two questions that may help your church’s ministry

Source » Kevin DeYoung: I’m no management consultant, leadership expert, or church growth guru. But if you love your church and want to see it as effective as possible–for the sake of evangelism, education, exaltation, and whatever other E’s you may have in your mission statement–try asking

Five passages in the gospels where Jesus is friend of sinners

Source » Kevin DeYoung: If we are to celebrate that the Lord Jesus is a glorious friend of sinners—and we should—we must pay careful attention to the ways in which Jesus actually was a friend to sinners. Omitting the story of the woman caught in adultery (for reasons of

Thoughts on the gay marriage debate

Source » Kevin DeYoung on TGC: There is nothing in the modern world quite so intolerant as tolerance.
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