Žižek and Peterson

I first heard of this debate on a recent Ezra Klein podcast episode where Klein's guest basically portrayed it as an "easy take-down" of Peterson by Žižek. However, after watching, my biggest takeaways are just how un-debate-like it was at all and how much the two agreed: there are pervasive

Discussing bad ideas

Paul Graham, co-founder of Y Combinator, on his blog: There are two reasons why we need to be able to discuss even "bad" ideas. The first is that any process for deciding which ideas to ban is bound to make mistakes. All the more so because no one intelligent wants

Demonstration or spectacle

E.D. Mondainé, president of the Portland branch of the NAACP in the WaPo: Images of “Naked Athena,” as the protester has been labeled, have gone viral, her unclothed confrontation with police earning her accolades as a brave ally of the cause. But I see something else: a beneficiary of

"Every Christian in America is political"

Every Christian in America is political. This is unavoidable. It is the privilege and burden of citizenship. We can choose to not exercise the duties of citizenship, but that does not mean we do not have them. —Compassion & Conviction, p. 3

Theologians and Exegetes

Sometimes it seems like you either have theologians that don’t write commentaries or you have exegetes that are too lost in the details—Tim Keller

"Frontiers must never be crossed by anything except bombs"

If he were allowed contact with foreigners he would discover that they are creatures similar to himself and that most of what he has been told about them is lies. The sealed world in which he lives would be broken, and the fear, hatred, and self-righteousness on which his morale

Words Matter

Terminologies evolve, sure. But it is self-contradiction to moralize “words matter!” while simultaneously ignoring or abandoning etymologies.


The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them... To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just as long
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