A bad bargain

Peter Wehner for The Atlantic: What many of us within the Christian faith need to do better than we have—what I can do better than I have—is assert less of myself and more of God. If more followers of Jesus did that, if I did that, it would

“We have to act like citizens again”

George Packer: [A]n ambitious legislative agenda isn’t enough, because the problem extends far beyond Washington, deep into the republic. Americans have lost faith in institutions, in one another, in democracy itself. Everything conspires against our role as citizens—big money, indifferent officials, byzantine election rules, mutual hatred, mutual

“In the cross you actually get, oh Culture, what you want”

Tim Keller: You've got to find a way to take the plotline of the culture and give it a happy ending in Jesus. So for example 1st Corinthians 1: It says, the Jews want power and the Greeks want wisdom, and the Cross is weakness to the Jews and foolishness

“A document from a lost civilization”

Stuart Stevens 30-year veteran strategist for the Republican Party on the Ezra Klein podcast: I went back and I re-read George Bush's acceptance speech in 2000, and it reads like a document from a lost civilization. It's all about humility, service, compassion. That person couldn't win 15% with that message

“I knelt and started to pray and prayed for everybody I thought of”

Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises: I knelt and started to pray and prayed for everybody I thought of, Brett and Mike and Bill and Robert Cohn and myself, and all the bullfighters, separately for the ones I liked, and lumping all the rest, then I prayed for myself again,

Log off

Elizabeth Bruenig on (currently my favorite podcast) The Argument: I don't think we're particularly well designed to cope with getting news of the entire world updated every ten minutes on a live stream. I think it's extremely stressful; it's too much true information. And I think it can lead to

The Daily podcast on "cancel culture"

The latest two episodes of the NYT's "The Daily" podcast try to get to the bottom of "cancel culture." One conclusion from a guest on episode two: I don't think that Twitter rewards asterisks, and 'ums,' and skepticism, and ambivalence, and questions. I think Twitter rewards absolute claims. You

Criticism and Leadership

Criticism is the price of problem-solving in leadership.—Carly Fiorina on “The Ticket” from The Atlantic
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