“The two stated pillars of American housing policy are fundamentally at odds”

Source » Daniel Hertz for City Lab: In other words, possibly the only thing worse than a world in which homeownership doesn’t work as a wealth-building tool is a world in which it does work as a wealth-building tool. This also means that the two stated pillars of American housing

“Lagos: Hope and Warning”

Armin Rosen for City Journal:1 In Lagos… nothing is guaranteed. Everything is relative. Your yellow cab could be driven by a drug dealer, or it could be driven by a banker who wants another income. You just don’t know. Poverty, confusion, and moral fluidity haven’t stopped Lagos

The limitations and redemption of wokeness

The limitations and redemption of wokeness David Brooks on wokeness: This mental habit is closely related to what we now call “wokeness.” In an older frame of mind, you try to perceive the size of a problem objectively, and then you propose a solution, which might either be radical or

“These 95 apartments promised affordable rent in San Francisco. Then 6,580 people applied.”

Source » Emily Badger for the NYT: For $1,200 a month, Patricia Torres and her family were renting a bedroom, a share of time in the bathroom, one vegetable drawer and one shelf in the fridge, and two cupboards over the stove. They rented not so much a home as

Cape Town and Day Zero

Source » Louis Scheepers, a friend and colleague, writing about the water crisis in Cape Town: Since 2015 Cape Town and its surrounding area have experienced the worst drought in over a century. As rainfall decreased, dam levels slowly started falling. The demand for water increased significantly as the population grew

Sullivan High soccer: 14 players, 13 nationalities

Source » Short film by Anthony Pellino:



“We must not be snobs or snobs about snobs.”

“We must not be snobs or snobs about snobs.” Wisdom from Hidden Christmas by Tim Keller: Here’s the challenge, though: We need Christians everywhere. That includes centers of power, where people of influence, talent, wealth, and beauty reside. But everything about Christmas teaches us not to have our heads
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