How a pastor and a seamstress gave us Labor Day

Source » Vikki Ortiz Healy for the Tribune: When two Pullman residents, the Rev. William Cowardine and Jennie Curtis, a seamstress, brought the unfair work conditions to the attention of the American Railway Union in 1894, it prompted a nationwide shutdown

When the Lovable Losers are winning

Source » Jerry Useem in The Atlantic: Conventional wisdom has it that the Cubs are either cursed—by a billy goat, a black cat, a fan whose name we shall not speak—or, less cosmically, just plain unlucky. But are they

Dichotomized blame for the violence in Chicago

Dichotomized blame for the violence in Chicago Contact reporters for the Tribune: In many quarters, it’s common knowledge that Chicago’s system of investigating shootings by officers is flawed. But the Tribune’s examination of the system shows that

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