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Wicker Park



“Solving Chicago’s murders could prevent more”

Source » Alex Kotlowitz in the New Yorker: But one issue is rarely raised: year after year, the vast majority of murders and non-fatal shootings in Chicago go unsolved. Last year, the police charged individuals in just twenty-six per cent of all murders. Of the nearly three thousand non-fatal shootings, only

The corrupt “keep sprouting, like eyes on a potato in your pantry, or a bloodthirsty many-headed hydra if you’re into mythology”

Source » John Kass in the Tribune: Yet even reformers go away, like Lawrence Bloom, Hyde Park’s former alderman, the face of good government who got caught up in a federal sting. So in corrupt Chicago — did I mention it’s the city that has earned the title Corruption Capital

“I feel like the whole season is a home game”

Source » –Dexter Fowler More in the Tribune’s “This was the year” video Update: Here’s a fan celebration supercut: (h/t @carlkuhl) Another update: Hamilton cast sings “Go Cubs Go!:” (h/t @linzegee)

How a pastor and a seamstress gave us Labor Day

Source » Vikki Ortiz Healy for the Tribune: When two Pullman residents, the Rev. William Cowardine and Jennie Curtis, a seamstress, brought the unfair work conditions to the attention of the American Railway Union in 1894, it prompted a nationwide shutdown of railways that begged action from then-President Grover Cleveland. (h/

How the first superhighway in Chicago changed the city

Source » Robert Loerzel for WBEZ: And another reason to look at the Ike [I-290]: It was the first superhighway in the heart of Chicago. However, by the 1960s — after more expressways were built, more neighborhoods were torn up, and traffic stayed as terrible as it was before — grassroots groups began
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