Practicing Advent with family and friends

Practicing Advent with family and friends Directing one’s attention to the miracle of Christ’s birth at anytime, let alone during the busy-year-end-crazy-fest, requires intentionality. That’s probably why traditional Christian calendars have long included the period of Advent:

A prayer for 2017

A prayer for 2017 It’s no secret that 2016 has been decried as the “worst year ever” for reasons ranging from routine to tragic. Central to much of the felt despair, rage, worry, or fear is a sense of

Study Notes: Mark 7

Study Notes: Mark 7 The story of the gentile woman’s encounter with Jesus in Mark 7:24-30 has been called one of the most difficult biblical passages about the life of Christ. Recently, while reading and re-reading chapter 7,


That time I drove a convertible. City sunset. A favorite place.  The editorI work for Orchard Group, serve on the team at Renewal Church of Chicago, and enjoy sharing life and home with my family. The websiteCommentary and curated

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