The British Library Board discovers Yoda throughout medieval manuscripts

Source » British Library Board blog: Damien Kempf of the University of Liverpool noticed an image of Yoda hiding in one of the British Library’s medieval manuscripts. The green-skinned, big-eared figure with tufty hair bears a surprising resemblance to the character designed by Stuart Freeborn for Lucasfilm almost 700 years

The fundamental purpose of the church

Source » Jared Wilson in “The Story of Everything”: The importance of the church – and the fundamental purpose of the church – is to keep pointing away from the world for the hope of the world. While everyone else points to government, family, good deeds, and whatever else as The Secret, the

“Contrary to what many books say, do not start with yourself…. your self-knowledge is limited.”

Source » Tim Keller on vocation.

Subject of the Bible

Subject of the Bible Tim Keller: There are, in the end, only two questions to ask as we read the Bible: Is it about me? Or is it about Jesus? Once this gets into your head, you begin to recognize everywhere in sermons, churches, curriculum, books, etc. which point of

“Here’s why I’m writing these books.”

Source » This series from Andrew Peterson has been a family favorite in our house.

“There has never been a generation whose view of marriage is high enough.

“There has never been a generation whose view of marriage is high enough.” –John Piper on love and marriage. I love that this and several other solid books have recently been published on marriage.
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