Andrew Wilson

On structural racism

Andrew Wilson: Christians, of all people, should know that evil is held in place not just by the flesh (the sinful self), or even the devil (and associated demonic powers), but also by the world: the structures and systems of human power that perpetuate injustice, idolatry and immorality. It seems

It is written

Jesus: “It is written.”Satan: “Is it written?”Know the difference.—@AJWTheology

“Privilege is to victimhood as cowardice is to honor”

Source » Andrew Wilson posted an excerpt from sociologists Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning on Think Theology: The combination of high sensitivity with dependence on others encourages people to emphasize or exaggerate the severity of offenses. There’s a corresponding tendency to emphasize one’s degree of victimization, one’s vulnerability

The best retelling of the Jesus story isn’t Narnia or Harry Potter

Source » Andrew Wilson for Christianity Today on how Old Testament stories point to Christ: When, in Genesis 41, Joseph is finally vindicated, he emerges from the pit with a new face and new clothes (41:14). So does Jesus. Joseph’s appearance is immediately hailed as good news for the

Marriage: “This is about that”

Marriage: “This is about that” Excellent presentation of the biblical perspective of marriage from Kings Church.

Most people cheat (and other insights about humans)

Source » Jonathan Haidt in his excellent book, The Righteous Mind: [Dan] Ariely summarizes his findings from many variations of the paradigm like this: “When given the opportunity, many honest people will cheat. In fact, rather than finding that a few bad apples weighted the averages, we discovered that the majority
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