Stetzer on seeking understanding post-election and “white evangelicals”

Stetzer on seeking understanding post-election and “white evangelicals”

First, here’s a pre-election post. Ed Stetzer on Why evangelicals hate Clinton so much:

One of the questions dealt with how Evangelicals can support Donald Trump (considering the obvious concerns). I explained it is, in part, because they feel they have nowhere else to go.

They so deeply dislike Hillary Clinton, many feel forced to support Donald Trump.

The obvious question is, “Why?”

First of all, not all Evangelicals feel this way, nor do I speak for all of them. But, in a recent interview with CNN, I explained why Evangelicals have such a visceral reaction to Clinton. Part of that answer ended up in this article, but I wanted to take the opportunity to explain more thoroughly. Let me put this dislike in six categories.

And here is a post-election article. Stetzer and Laurie Nichols on What do white evangelicals owe people of color?

[I]f someone is hurting from the results of this election because they felt marginalized by the campaign that ultimately won, we cannot draw the conclusion that they don’t care about other important issues that led many to vote differently.

Politics are part of a broken world, and these issues are complex. We each do the best we can to make the right decisions, but we cannot make it a zero sum game and fail to acknowledge very real pain.

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