Some notes I took on a sermon from Tim Keller on Psalm 51:

Sin is not just breaking God’s word, but trampling on his heart.

The path to wholeness is life changing, character forming, and freedom engendering repentance:

  • Stop: being in denial. (You are capable of doing any wrong thing)
  • Start: a full clean confession of sin (real repentance begins when blame shifting ends)
  • Start: a deep heart renunciation of sin (real repentance begins where self pity ends)
  • How: a confidence of God's love and a deep sense of your unworthiness of it
    – If you only experience unworthiness without confidence of God’s love, then you'll only beat yourself up. – If you only have confidence of God’s love without sense of unworthiness, then you'll only have self pity. – You can have both because Jesus looked on all your betrayal, and he stayed.