Radical change across Africa
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Radical change across Africa

Radical change across Africa

Great interview from Ken Wytsma in his book Create vs. Copy with relief and development veteran Keith Wright. Some highlights:

Everything is changing in Africa. One out of four people in the world will be African by 2050. Africa will be the world’s top producer of food in twenty or thirty years. Many African countries have completely leapfrogged over landline telephone networks and gone straight to cell towers… Africa is light years ahead of the US in technology facilitating sales through cell phones.

…the most effective way to impact a country is to create infrastructure… Fair trade coffee is a good thing, but it doesn’t have the economic thrust or long-term potential of an electrical grid.

[When I asked Keith,] “What’s the biggest change you think is heading toward Africa?” He quickly replied, “Urbanization.”

These kind of stats and projections demonstrate the strategic importance of church planting in Africa’s rising cities. Orchard Group, the organization I work for, is currently beginning projects with local leaders in the cities of Lagos, Nigeria and Cape Town, South Africa.

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