Politics, power, and evangelical orphans
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Politics, power, and evangelical orphans

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Sharply written piece from Jared Wilson:

The evangelical generations are divided. That much is clear. It is a sad situation to see so many orphans. They’re reading all the old dead guys, because they can see how those guys finished. They can see who held the line all the way and who didn’t. They are listening to more non-white evangelicals, because those folks have learned how to persevere from the margins for centuries. And the upside to all of this is that the orphan will come home. These youngsters who have rejected your idolatrous politics, your nationalistic faith, your moral subjectivity, your fear of the alien and the stranger, your gospel neglect will finally do you proud when they inherit your churches.

The facility with which many evangelicals have pawned their own stated principles is as disheartening as it is revealing.

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