Pew: How America finds a new church
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Pew: How America finds a new church

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Two-thirds of Christians say they now attend religious services at least once or twice a month, including 35% who say there was a time during their adult life when they did not attend as often as they do now. Among Christian traditions, 44% of evangelical Protestants, 33% of members of the historically black Protestant tradition, 31% of mainline Protestants and 28% of Catholics say they now go to church regularly – but that they did not always attended religious services with the same frequency.

So while there are more “nones” (those who don’t affiliate with any religious tradition), those who do attend church services are attending more and more regularly. The top three reasons given for more consistent participation? “Changing beliefs,” “Need God,” “Becoming more mature.”

Also interesting is the number one factor in determining which church to attend: “Quality of sermons.”

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