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WBEZ’s The View from Room 2015:

“No matter where you’re from, what neighborhood you call home, and no matter what your dreams are in life, it is right here at Penn that our children are going to get their start — so that they can have that dream, chase that dream, capture that dream and live it…. There’s no dream you can’t achieve, if you stay focused and persistent.”

And with that, [the speaker] makes very clear that it’s up to the fourth graders — and every kid in the room — to work hard and succeed.

It’s up to them and William Penn Elementary.

Moving piece that challenges the validity of the (deeply American) axiom “dream big, work hard, and succeed” in the context of a poor neighborhood school.

(The visuals on the website are good, but hearing the kids’ and teachers’ voices in the hour-long audio production is even better.)