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Log off

Elizabeth Bruenig on (currently my favorite podcast) The Argument:

I don't think we're particularly well designed to cope with getting news of the entire world updated every ten minutes on a live stream. I think it's extremely stressful; it's too much true information. And I think it can lead to a real spiritual darkness. Used to, it was the sole province of God to know a full accounting of all the human evil that was happening at any given time. Now it's the province of any Twitter user, and it's a heavy burden. So log off.

This reminds me of something I heard John Piper say on a panel a few years back: that we have limited capacity to grieve, lament, and be outraged by injustices and evil. We simply can't do it all, feel it all, support it all, or combat it all.

(Incidentally, I enabled Screen Time’s time limits for my social media apps on my phone the other day: just 10 minutes a day on my phone. It’s enough to catch a glimpse, not so much that I'm sucked in. In the event that I need more time for work-related social media tasks, I can always log on via the laptop. One benefit of this very short limit that I hadn't anticipated is how it has made me more aware of how social media makes me feel. Even after just a few minutes, I almost always feel vaguely worse after jumping on Twitter or Instagram.)

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