“Living in an anxious age”
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“Living in an anxious age”

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Tim Keller and John Inazu in Christianity Today:

We can also learn from the biblical witness how to engage in the world around us. The book of Jeremiah tells the story of God using the prophet to instruct the Jews in Babylon not to hate or ignore the pagan city, but to become long-term residents, to exercise good will toward it through prayer, and to seek its peace and prosperity. They were to build up the social fabric for their common well-being (“if [Babylon] prospers, you too will prosper” Jer. 29:7). They were to be known as a people who served their neighbors and their city.

Excellent article.

(I wonder, however, if the “protestant” piece is slightly overstated. Isn’t the more fundamental issue provoking the “anxious age” the transition from a monolithic culture to pluralistic one, not from a protestant culture to a non-protestant one?)

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