“If atheists win the day, political liberalism will become illiberal and nihilistic”

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Bruce Ashford reviewing Os Guinness’ new book, Impossible People in TGC:

Modernity, it turns out, is an equal opportunity offender, posing challenges not only to monotheistic religions but also to atheism…. however, atheism is Christianity’s leading rival in the West and is the dominant worldview of those with cultural power. The new atheists attack Christianity overtly while social and political activists attack it implicitly by presupposing atheism. If atheists win the day in the West, political liberalism will become increasingly illiberal and eventually nihilistic. In response to the pervasive influence of atheism, Guinness challenges the church to love atheists individually to help them see that atheism is bad for them and bad for society, and to work with them corporately to forge a constructive way forward for Western society.

Excellent book review full of thought-provoking content. I was particularly struck by the discussion of “threats to the West.” One might expect things like “secularism” or “individualism” to threaten Western ideals in general and Christianity in particular, but reading of the Western Christian tendency to “ignore or minimize spiritual realities and spiritual warfare” also as a threat provided a sobering reality check.

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