Hope in an age of mass incarceration
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Hope in an age of mass incarceration

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Thabiti Anyabwile in The Atlantic:

I find [Ta-Nehisi Coates’] searing analysis compelling. I appreciate his attempt to put a face—a worn, mistreated, yet noble African American face—on the issues. His stripping away of euphemisms and niceties and political correctness lays bare the ugly truth about the U.S.—about Americans. The cuts could be healing.

But in one significant respect, I think Coates fails his readership and fails to represent something vital about African Americans—his writing lacks hope.

Like Anyabwile, I too have been moved by Coates’ writing. Yet, also like Anyabwile, I’ve found Coates’ essentially fatalistic. Here Anyabwile offers hope in addition to Coates’ excellent criticism.

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