Falling in love with your city
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Falling in love with your city

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Jessica Hullinger in The Week:

Relationships — with other humans, and with physical places — are really complicated. They require vulnerability and persistence and trust. You cannot just wait around hoping one will blossom before you. The only way to truly foster and nurture a long-lasting stable romance is to experience it with an open heart and an enduring sense of optimism. It takes time, but that’s okay. Eventually you get to the really good stuff.

Such a great piece on knowing and loving where you live, and getting through that difficult period between honeymoon and long-term romance.

Update: Hullinger’s move from New York to London reminded me of the phenomenon of migration between the two cities (and among cities generally). It’s so common, in fact, that it’s generated its own portmanteau: NYLON. (And nylonkong if you throw in Hong Kong.) And then there’s the acronym, filth for “failed in London, try Hong Kong.”

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