Dichotomized blame for the violence in Chicago

Dichotomized blame for the violence in Chicago

Contact reporters for the Tribune:

In many quarters, it’s common knowledge that Chicago’s system of investigating shootings by officers is flawed. But the Tribune’s examination of the system shows that it is flawed at so many levels — critics say, by design — as to be broken. IPRA’s [Independent Police Review Authority] own statistics bear that out.

Heather MacDonald in the WSJ:

Police officers who try to intervene in this disorder often face virulent pushback. “People are a hundred times more likely to resist arrest,” a police officer who has worked a decade and a half on the South Side told me. “People want to fight you; they swear at you. ‘F—- the police, we don’t have to listen,’ they say. I haven’t seen this kind of hatred towards the police in my career.”

Kevin DeYoung’s commentary and excerpts from “Don’t Shoot” are invaluable for understanding these opposing views and the very different experiences that create them.

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