“Baby Jazlene, buried through the kindness of strangers”
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“Baby Jazlene, buried through the kindness of strangers”

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Maureen O’Donnell for the Sun-Times:

For her funeral, Baby Jazlene was dressed in a white organza dress. It had ribbons and tiny roses, made by Allison’s Angel Gowns, a charity that sews funeral clothes for young children. Catholic Cemeteries donated a plot at All Saints Cemetery in Des Plaines. Funeral director John Glueckert supplied the casket, labor and hearse. Bevel Granite has agreed to provide a headstone. The funeral was organized by a nonprofit group called Rest in His Arms that has arranged Christian services for 33 babies who were abandoned or whose bodies went unclaimed by family.

About 75 mourners attended the service, all of them strangers.

Mourning for society’s most vulnerable: those who are not “viable” outside of the womb.

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