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Commentary and curated content related to Church, City, and Culture.

The editor

I work for Orchard Group, an organization dedicated to establishing new churches in the world’s cities.

The reader

If you come across something that would go well on this site, or if you’d like to comment on a post, tweet at me.

Infrequently Asked Questions

Why this site?

For years, I’ve been collecting articles, quotes, arguments, blurbs, and links that, for the most part, can be organized under three headings: Church, City, and Culture. This website presents a kind of ongoing curated catalog of these resources for myself and for the twos and threes of others who might also find them relevant. Also I (very occasionally) write, so some original work is here too.

The Internet is extraordinary, providing nearly everyone with informational access and reach that in many ways exceed that of the POTUS not long ago. However, it has also created a wall of noise, an information blitzkrieg, that overwhelms clarity of thinking.

To help navigate this, we all depend on content curation in some form or another – whether it’s a bot-generated list like Netflix’s “For You,” or a human-generated list on Pinterest about cats or recipes.1 Likewise, with the selection and writing here I aim to bring some harmony to the discordant noise, at least for myself, and potentially for others as well.

Why church, city, and culture?

Personally, I’m a student of all three. My vocations in the pastorate, church planting, and non-profit sector have consistently inhabited this overlap.

More broadly, we are all living in an era of practically unprecedented globalization, urbanization, and consequently, pluralism. It is in this context that the church is a “gospel outpost.” Thinking people everywhere are actively applying themselves and their ideas to the global urban reality, and it is my desire that Christians do likewise. After all, as the world becomes more urban, so must the church.

Who are you?

My name is Luke (or L.T.) Greer and I work for Orchard Group, an organization dedicated to establishing new churches in cities. Previously I served as a missionary and church planter in and around Mexico City. Presently I reside in the heart of Chicago. I’m the husband of a woman who becomes ever more beautiful. And I’m the dad of three clever kids — each one with two passports.

Posting ≠ endorsement. This site is most useful in terms of “things to think about” rather than “things to (dis)agree with.” Local Christians and churches effectively engaging the cities and culture around them depends in large part upon their understanding the cities and culture around them. The links and writing herein, therefore, provide things to prayerfully consider and thoughtfully engage.

What’s that shape thing at the top?

I have admired J.R.R. Tolkien’s monogram since I was a kid, and always wanted to create my own. After doodling for way too long, I finally arrived at the knotted cross above. (Yes, it contains “L,” “T,” and “G.”) The monogram has other symbolism as well, but it’s probably only interesting to me.

How can I contact you?

I welcome interaction (Twitter is usually the best way) about the articles and subjects on this site. However, I’m not glued to social media, so I may not respond to every tweet.

Also, if you come across something that would go well on this site, tweet at me.